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ButtholeDitch Interview

1. for first tell somtething about you. Where are you from,how old you are,how old you skate..where is f*%king BUTTHOLE DITCH!?
My name is Earl, I live in Murrayville, BC, Canada (just outside Vancouver), I am 44, I’ve skated since I was a teenager, and the Butthole Ditch is located in Murrayville, close to where I live.
2.tell something about butthole ditch..how its all started..and present to us all the crew.
The Butthole Ditch was created in August of 2015. Donna and I came up with the name… i just loved skating there because it is more private than the local skatepark; there’s no scooters in there. There’s a bunch of locals that session it; its open and available to everyone to come though. It’s rough and you need big, soft wheels…

3. Whats your best inspiration to  live this way?? Keeping skate RAD and be owner the next small ug skate brand in this f*%king world?
BJ Morrill @morrillskate_ at the Hiawatha Bowl doing "a trick invented by Neil Blender (can't go wrong with that!)" 📷 @laredjevine.... Wearing the new longsleeve Ace tee.....Thanks BJ, you're rad!

The Butthole Ditch is an inclusive idea. My company is named Butthole Ditch because it’s a rejection of the way society is today. The Butthole Ditch is open to everyone (except scooters, Ha!); I’ve always hated “exclusive” and elitest groups, companies, whatever. My company is called Butthole Ditch because I see a lot of skateboard companies having “safe” or “user friendly” names and images. I wanted something different that I can be proud of. My brother Dan Lindberg is one of my artists and he helps me out with rad and original images in the vein of Pushead, etc… Butthole Ditch is about being yourself, whatever that is. The people that ride for me or get flow, I see them as reflections of myself. I hate elitism in all and any of it’s forms; I believe that everyone is equal and worthy of respect. We’re all skaters and in this together.
4.whats are  best/favourite tricks in butthole ditch ??yours..and  which someone else did? I saw on insta f*%king RAD hand plant..so siiick!
Ha, that is one of my riders Max; he’s @hesh_god on Instagram! I just like rolling around the ditch on and over the banks. It’s the best feeling in the world!
5.whats your best songs/music.. to skate butthole ditch haha !
I love Screeching Weasel, DRI, JFA, the Queers, the Briefs, Sharp Objects, Slaughter and the Dogs, DOOM, Suicidal Tendencies, Forgotten Rebels, the New Town Animals (my good friend Nic’s band), Slayer, the Accused, anything that gets you stoked for a session!
My first teamrider, Adam @hankjunt mid varial heelflip.. Adam taking his tech game to the next level.... (♠)
Butthole Ditch.
" Del Pollo has been sub-par lately since '15" 

6.Your best skate setup
Ha, that’s a tough one; the one I ride most in the ditch is my American Nomad Awesome deck with orange 3 gullwings with big fat pink slimeballs...
7. a word to
Dirty streets:
Not a fan.
Small wheels:
Sometimes, actually I have small wheels on my Greg Harbour/Casey Meyer split and my BJ Morrill deck...
Leticia Muffloni:
She’s a rad skater. A lot of people aren’t fans of Nike and I know why. But, the way I look at it, they help put a roof over their skaters heads and food on their table. I don’t judge. Ha, I’ve actually started wearing NIke’s skating because they’re waaaay more comfortable than Vans in my books… I’m obviously getting old… But fuck being popular… Ha! so, Just Do It.
I have a pair of black Danforth’s on my Skull Skates Dead Guys deck...
Just recently started appreciating them again.
Yes. Hoping the Ditch will have a couple of addtions of them before too long! can’t wait to get them...
8.SKATE TATTOOS.. have you some?
I have the Slasher, the Gabriel Rodriguez Superhombre, Jason Jesse Sungod, and a Neil Blender Coffee break guy, plus others

9.TOP 3 SKATE ART with skull hahaha

I’m doing a collab with RATZ skates, and I’m really stoked on that one! Ha, and my brother’s Selfie skull, and I’m a big fan of any skull by Pushead

10. To the End..YOUR WORDS MATE!
I’d like to thank all the people who support me and have my gear in their skateshops. Also all my riders; Adam, Gaeb, BJ, Greg, Jose, Nic, Gabby, Max, Mitch, and of course my friend Donna; she’s been a big help and support all the way along! My brother Dan too! And thanks for this opportunity Robert. I’m looking forward to our tee shirt coming out! Cheers!